Damien Doussaud

Creative developper

Hi, I'm Damien Doussaud.

After my art studies I started as graphic designer. I then used several programming languages before becoming a front-end developer. Today I work proudly at the studio Immersive Garden(external link)  and I take pleasure to code beautifull websites with a quality team.

On my free time I participate to artificial intelligence and game coding contest - I developed too some open source projects like Flea(external link)

Namide's world 3

3D experience created with procedural algorithms.

Language Haxe
3D engine Heaps (Stage 3D & WebGL)
Builds SWF (Flash) and Javascript
Release date December 2014

Zero days off

Website for the book of Edward Stevenson - Developed at Immersive Garden.

Languages Javascript 2015 - Stylus - HTML5
Framework Vue.js
Library Three.js
Awards SOTD: Awwwards - FWA - CSS Design Awards
Designer Dilshan Arukatti
Release date July 2017

Namide's world 2

Interactive experience with an "first person" navigation and procedural graphic generation.

Language ActionScript 3
3D engine Minko 2
Weight <150 ko
Release date September 2013