Defends the sushi!

"Defends the sushi!" is a nervous platform game created in during the BaconGameJam 08.

Defends the sushi! A flie
Description You are like a little shrew who like eat a sushi fall in the forest.
A lot of flies tries to eat your sushi, and wasps attack you!
Genre platform game
Development & graphic design Damien Doussaud ()
Available platforms online (browser)
Sheet Defends the sushi!
Theme Millions of them
Language Haxe 3 (FlashPlayer 11.8)
  • Heaps, a high performance game framework by Nicolas Cannasse
  • Dune, microframework for Haxe 2D games
  • TweenX, cross platform tween libraly for Haxe
  • Screenshot on the start menu
  • Wasp KO
  • Kill flies
Screenshots of the game