Tetrominos killer: cover

Tetrominos killer

Platform game with a shower of tetrominos. Avoid them and pick up the high score! It was created in (facebook interaction not included).


Available platformsonline (Facebook / browser)
Genrearcade, platform
Development & graphic design
TestersSMX, jems Kalagan, Greg
ContextIt was created in 50 hours
(facebook interaction not included).
  • Cover of tetrominos killer
  • tetrominos killer : 22 hits
  • tetrominos killer : level 8
  • tetrominos killer : mega jump
Screenshots in game

Tips and tricks

To get a high score at Tetrominos Killer you must know a few tricks:

Double jump

Tetrominos killer: double jump

To do a double jump:

You can only do one second jump, after that you will only be able to do wall jumps.

Wall jump

Tetrominos killer: wall jump

To do a wall jump:

You can do an infinity of wall jumps.


Tetrominos killer: 2 hits

In the first level, if you catch your first blue item you will gain 10 points.
When catching the second item, your will gain 10 additional points. For example, when catching the second item you will gain: 20 points, for the third one: 30 points...
If you miss an item, the combo restart: 10, 20, 30...


If you catch an item while doing a big jump, you will multiply your score.
The higher you go, the more points you will get. To catch the items at a good height you will need to jump on the tetrominos.


The first blue item you will catch in the second level will give you 20 points, in the third level this blue item will give you 30 points...
The longer you survive, the more points you will win!


If you follow all these tricks you will become Tretrominos master!

Tetrominos killer: complex jump
A double jump, a wall jump, a jump over a tetrominos and a other wall jump! A good combination.